President……………………………………………………Vicki Leitner

            Vice President……………………………………………....Bert Parod

            Secretary……………………………………………………Frank Parod

            Treasurer……………………………………………………Mark Balbinot

            Tournament Committee Chairman…………………………Kip Stevenson





1.      First meeting of the year will be held on the first Monday night of March at 7:00pm. The last meeting will be the first Monday night of November at 7:00pm.


  1. All other meetings will be held on Monday night at 7:00pm – 5 days prior to the tournament.


  1. Rules can be changed after adopted by the membership and the motion carries by the majority.




1.      Membership will consist of 50 members. Family membership will be counted as one member with a maximum of two votes total. The members must be present to vote. Each member of family participating will have name on the membership list.


  1. Membership will cost $20.00 per year per person.


  1. Family membership will be $25.00 per year consisting of husband, wife, and children under 18 years of age. All members of family can fish each tournament. One member must pay the club fee of $6.00. The rest of the family pays $1.00 for each member, and may pay $6.00 for optional side bet, $2.00 for optional big bass and $1.00 for optional critter. Each member of the family must pay the full lake fee (if required).


  1. New members can join at anytime up to a maximum of 50 members.


  1. Past-year officers don’t pay membership (President, Vice president, Secretary, Treasurer and Tournament Chairman).


  1. Officers will be elected at the last Monday night meeting before the last regular club tournament.




1.      All tournaments will be held on Saturday.


  1. Regular (club) tournament entry fee is $6.00 per person for each tournament. An optional (side bet) pool may be entered for an additional $6.00 fee. An optional (big bass) pool may be entered for an additional $2.00 fee. Additional lake fees may be charged depending on lake requirements.


  1. An optional “critter” pool may be entered for an additional $1.00 fee. The “critter” pool will be awarded to the largest (by weight) non-bass fish caught in the tournament. The critter must be alive and adhere to site-specific regulations.


  1. REGULAR TOURNAMENT CLUB MONEY will be given for: Largest bass; 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th place total catch by weight. In case of a tie, money and position points will be totaled and divided equally for the tied weight position. All regular tournament club money will be given if any minimum qualifying fish is caught. If no minimum qualifying fish are caught, all regular club money will go to the club.


OPTIONAL (SIDE BET) TOURNAMENT MONEY will be awarded the same as above except:

A)    If no qualifying fish are caught, the money will be carried over to the next     tournament.

B)    In case of a tie, money will be totaled and divided equally.


  1. Artificial bait only. Cast and retrieve only (no trolling).


  1. If there is a lake size limit, it must be observed. Largemouth, Smallmouth, and Kentucky Bass only.


  1. All live fish will be returned to the lake after weigh in (Except fish for mounting).


  1. Try to keep all fish alive. A 2oz. (0.13 lbs) weight deduction will be taken off for each dead fish. Weight will be deducted from the total weight.


  1. Each member must pay tournament dues at each meeting in order to fish the tournament. Any exceptions will be left up to the discretion of the tournament director. All money must be paid in advance of the tournament.


  1. The tournament committee will make the final decisions on all tournaments – lakes, times, launching sites, check-in locations and late penalties.


  1. The tournament committee will handle all measurements and weights (Chairman of the tournament committee will make the final decision).


  1. All tournaments are open for a friend or relative (must be fishing with a club member) providing their money is paid. Although guests must pay the regular tournament club fee, they are not eligible to win this money. However they can win any optional (side bet) pool, providing they pay the optional pool fee.


  1. All tournaments will be no longer than six hours. No tournament will start before 6:00am.


  1. The end of the year Classic (entry fee required) will abide by the lake regulations. The tournament chairman will have the final authority on the Classic rules and regulations.


  1. The 5 Pound Club (entry fee required) award will be given to the person that catches the most 5+ pound bass during the eight scheduled tournaments. If there is a tie for the number of bass over 5 pounds then the largest bass (in weight) will take the award. 




Regular Tournament Club Awards


Club money will be given at each tournament.


1)   Big Bass                                  $15.00

2)   Most Weight                           $30.00

3)   2nd Place Most Weight            $20.00

4)   3rd Place Most Weight             $15.00

5)   4th Place Most Weight             $10.00


End of Year Awards


Cash awards for the top 6 fishermen ($120 - $20).


Fisherman of the Year Point System


1st  100                        9th    48                 

2nd    90                      10th    45

3rd    80                      11th    42

4th    70                      12th    39

5th    60                      13th    36

6th    57                      14th    33

7th    54                      15th    30

8th    51


Anyone catching a keeper bass and not placing in the top 15 will receive 25 points.


Anyone (club member) who fishes the tournament and did not catch a fish will receive 10 points.


The person that catches the biggest bass in weight will be awarded 15 points.


Members will also receive 10 points for every meeting attended.





This club is set up to develop better fishing habits, encourage family involvement and maintain a fishing fellowship. We encourage all aspects of teaching to develop better fishing habits. Sportsmanship is a major part of this teaching.


Note: Anyone becoming drunk or disorderly (lying, cheating or stealing) during any of the club meetings, tournaments or any club activity will be dismissed from the club membership immediately.



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